Nanits Chronicles, a touch of the future.


Nanits Chronicles will be a wholly unique project, as it leaves behind paper-based distribution for digital content. By removing the paper, we intend to bring the viewer a completely new and intense experience thanks to an interactive connection between our drawings and an accompanying musical background. We are striving to make the utmost use of new technologies while staying true to our love for traditional comics and our respect for those who read them.

The whole project began more than four years ago in the Czech Republic and its concept is unique. The size of our team is substantial, and has over 15 members – from scriptwriters, developers and concept artists, to drawing specialists,colorists, musicians, and others. It is also unique in terms of its financial costs and the investments currently gained for the project. In September, the Nanits Chronicles project was successful in gaining seed investment for application development and pilot story preparation.

In the next six months, we plan to work intensively on the reader application. We also plan to expand the Nanits Chronicles story world and prepare a pilot segment. In the upcoming/next months will be crucial – it’s when we plan to launch the whole project campaign on Kickstarter.

We hope that over the course of the following weeks you’ll get to know the wonderful world of Nanits Chronicles and get excited about supporting our preparation efforts. We also hope you’ll love our faithful guide, NFOi, and all the other characters, storyline, technology, and drawings of our saga. We look forward to your responses and would like to extend our immense thanks for all your support and for spreading the word about the project.

On behalf of the whole Nanits Chronicles team, 

Robert Kalocai